EZ Shelf Simplifies Closet Organization

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Quick-installing components make EZ Shelf an affordable upgrade for multiple rooms of the house.

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Steel tubing replaces wire in the EZ Shelf system. Designed to install more easily than traditional wire shelving and closet systems, basic EZ Shelf components include simple end brackets and telescoping shelf sizes in three widths: 17 to 27 inches, 28 to 48 inches, and 40 to 72 inches. Closet systems include shelves with integrated hanging rods. Shoe racks and garage shelving are also available. The end brackets also serve as connector pieces for spans longer than 72 inches, and for managing corner installations.

Rather than using vertical standards to hang shelving from, EZ Shelf brackets install directly into the wall. Super-strong drywall anchors allow the shelf to carry a 200-pound load without screwing into studs. One person can install EZ Shelf in less than half the time of a traditional wire shelf, the maker says. On top of the time and labor savings with installation, the stronger materials mean callbacks due to anchor or installation failure are all but eliminated.

Ideal for closets, laundry rooms, garages, and other utility applications, EZ Shelf is available in white or silver finishes. Find the products online and at The Home Depot. EZ Shelf | 888.399.2880 | ezshelf.com