This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

The 3 IN 1 ROOF system combines insulation, concealed solar cells with a Class A fire rating, and a 200+ MPH wind rating. The manufacturer says the roofing will ship next year.

The system is composed of both solar-integrated and non-solar tiles. As a whole, the system weighs less than 250 pounds per square, eight times lighter than the standard roof load, according to the manufacturer.

The embodiments are composed of heat-resistant closed cell foam with a durable coating, designed to rise no more than 12 degrees above the ambient temperature. This allows the 3 IN 1 system to resist heat gain throughout the day, reducing heat flowback into the attic area and keeping surface temperatures low around the solar panels. This allows for increased solar efficiency, according to the manufacturer, at a daily average of 17% to 19%.

The shingles are available in four styles, classic, modern, shake and slate, and twelve colors: limestone, garnet, midnight, pueblo brown, sandstone, sierra, slate-green, white, cedar, celery, base gray, and terra-cotta.