DAP.  Dynaflex 3.0 Advanced Sealant (at left) offers Kwik Dry technology, allowing for exposure to water in just 3 hours. The permanently flexible materials can withstand temperature fluctuations without cracking, making it ideal for sealing windows, door frames, corner joists, siding, trim, baseboards, molding, gutters, pipes, ducts, and vents. Providing a permanently waterproof seal, Dynaflex 3.0 is also mold- and mildew-resistant, the maker says. Available in white or clear. 800.543.3840. www.dap.com.

Devcon. Install and finish exterior trim materials with the TrimBonder Adhesive Kit (at right). Formulated for outdoor use, TrimBonder can be used to join or laminate sections of trim, columns, or corner boards; bond aluminum cleats to PVC window and door moldings; and fill gaps and nail holes for a smooth finish. The kit contains two cartridges of TrimBonder, an applicator gun, and four static nozzles that mix and dispense the two-part adhesive. The adhesive also works on fiberglass, vinyl, urethane, rigid plastics, composites, aluminum, stainless steel, and other surfaces, and is specifically approved by Azek. UV-stable and waterproof, TrimBonder weathers without shrinking or discoloring, the maker says, and accepts latex, acrylic, or enamel paint for color matching. 800.933.8266. www.devcon.com.

Fomo Products. Designed to stop air infiltration and to provide a tighter building envelope, Handi-Foam Air Seal (at left) spray foam air sealant coats and covers seams and small holes in stud wall cavities. The product can also be used to seal seams between pieces of OSB. It can fit behind traditional insulation and cures in 30 to 45 seconds. 800.321.5585. www.fomo.com.

Specialty Construction Brands. The TEC product line now includes LiquiDam Penetrating Moisture Vapor Barrier (at right). The material is a two-part 100% solids epoxy that reduces moisture vapor transmission from damp concrete by creating a barrier between the substrate and the floor. Requiring minimal surface preparation, LiquiDam applies in a single coat and cures in 4 to 6 hours to accommodate same-day flooring installation. Formulated for application over any concrete with RH 95% or lower, including green concrete, LiquiDam is designed to penetrate voids and gaps. The low-odor, solvent- and VOC-free materials can help contribute to LEED points. 800.832.9002. www.tecspecialty.com.

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