A Web-based materials exchange site for New York and North Carolina is looking to expand. The nonprofit Reuse Alliance set up C&D Material Trader (cdmaterialtrader.org) to increase public awareness about reuse opportunities and to act as a support network for reuse organizations.

Users in these states can list materials they have or items they need. Executive director Mary­Ellen Etienne says the goal is to go beyond the virtual online exchange “to be a community — a clearinghouse for goods and information about building material reuse,” including events, open houses, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore sales.

The alliance received a grant to set up the exchange for New York and North Carolina and works with a software service that can also set up exchanges in other states or regions. Remodelers or groups interested in finding out more or joining the network should contact [email protected].

—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.