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The Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer is a wireless, battery-powered local control knob for Signify’s Phillips Hue smart lighting system, enabled in partnership with the Phillips Hue “Friends of Hue” program.

The dimmer is designed to install over existing toggle-style switches in less than two minutes. The dimmer mounting base “locks” the existing switch in the on/up position, and the round knob dimmer snaps over the base. This prevents the toggle switch from being accidentally turned off, which would disable Phillips Hue control from any smart control system.

“Together, Lutron and Signify are addressing smart bulb user feedback with an attractive and practical solution that locks toggle switches in place to keep smart bulbs ready, while providing an additional point of control,” says Matt Swatsky, vice president, residential mid-market business at Lutron. “The Aurora dimmer simplifies the use of Philips Hue smart bulbs and fixtures for everyone in the home.”

The Aurora controls like a standard dimming switch, providing intuitive local operation for homeowners and guests. Users touch the Aurora dimmer to turn the lights on and off, or turn the knob to brighten or dim the lights. The dimmer communicates with the Phillips Hue control system via Zigbee technology, which will remain operational even in Wi-Fi outages.

“The Lutron Aurora dimmer is the perfect complement to the Philips Hue system – it offers yet another convenient and familiar way for you to control and enjoy what our smart lighting can do. It also blends in well with any interior design style,” says Jasper Vervoort, business leader, home systems and luminaires at Signify.

The dimmer is available in white, and is currently available to pre-order, with shipment expected in June.

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