Turns out popular vessel sinks aren’t just for hand washing — they’re art. Several manufacturers are combining fabric, stone, and metal with glass to create colorful vessels that become the focal point of any bathroom.

“The idea that we can offer something as naturally beautiful as metal or stone in countertops and sinks is very exciting,” says Hal Weinstein, founder of Xylem. “The concept brings an entirely new dimension to the bath.” Xylem’s Reflex Architectural Glass fuses glass with metal or stone for impressive designs that capitalize on natural colors and materials such as copper and gold, as well as green, beige, black, and azure stone.

Alchemy Glass & Light also focuses on the beauty of metallics. The glassmaker’s Celestial Series sinks use recycled glass elements in combination with stones and minerals to create metallic “blooms” and “bursts” that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

Perhaps slightly less subtle in simple primary colors, Wells Sinkware recently introduced its Damask Remix collection, in which boldly colored damask-pattern fabrics are fused to clear glass vessel sinks. The application makes it possible to see the pattern both inside and outside the sink. Four colorways include red/cream, green/white, gold/white, and black/gray. Each color is applied to its own vessel form.

With such stunning results, homeowners and their guests will find themselves staring into the sink instead of into the mirror next time they visit the bath.

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