Signature Kitchen Suite, LG Appliances’ luxury appliance brand, has expanded its selection of built-in home appliances with a new panel-ready dishwasher, featuring the manufacturer’s PowerSteam and QuadWash technologies.

The PowerSteam feature uses multiple steam cycles in the washing and drying phases to dissolve caked-on food particles and reduce water spots on dishware. The QuadWash incorporates four washing arms, rather than the standard two, to clean dishes from multiple angles throughout the cycle.

Inside, the dishwasher features LED interior lighting, a height-adjustable third rack, and flexibility to fit a wide variety of items, as well as a beam of light that shines cycle information onto the floor outside. The panel door slides away when opened, allowing users to mount the dishwashers at any height.

"Our new PowerSteam dishwasher exemplifies how Signature Kitchen Suite brings leading-edge technologies and purposeful design to today's luxury kitchen," says Zach Elkin, general manager for Signature Kitchen Suite. "The combination of maximum cleaning performance, stellar drying, and ultra-quiet operation—all in a panel-ready design—makes this the perfect complement to our cooking and refrigeration innovations."

The dishwasher is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to track and control the appliance’s operation through the Signature Kitchen Suite app. It is also certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to reduce bacteria on dishes by 99.999% with a steam cycle that reaches a final rinse temperature above 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and Energy Star certified to save 3,870 gallons of water on average throughout its lifetime compared with a standard dishwasher.