A new tub and shower combination with no caulk? Sterling is making bath installers' lives easier with its Ensemble Medley bath/shower that uses a specially designed Dry-Block seal and channeled water containment system to prevent leaks. The modular panels have tongue-and-groove interlocking joints that click into place to create a seamless-looking and watertight finish, the maker says.

Constructed of Sterling's lightweight, stain- and scratch-resistant Vikrell material, the components are light enough to be carried and placed by one person for quicker installation, and the high-gloss surfaces are easy to maintain. Structural ribs molded into the panels help eliminate bounce and create a solid feel.

The Ensemble Medley bath/shower is available in 60-by-30-inch and 60-by-32-inch sizes, and feature abundant shelving. Choose from white or biscuit colors. Sterling | 800.783.7546 | sterlingplumbing.com