Remodeler Leslie King says that the “biggest thing” is having selections decided up-front.
courtesy Greymark Construction Remodeler Leslie King says that the “biggest thing” is having selections decided up-front.

Two weeks. That’s about how long Leslie King, owner of Greymark Construction Co., in Houston, says her company needs to complete a bath project. “We don’t put [the job] on the schedule until [all the selections are made and] we have everything in,” she says.

King uses bathroom projects to fill the schedule between larger whole-house remodels, additions, and kitchens. The company works in a tight geographic area in Houston so crews can easily move from one job to another.

On the first visit to their home, King asks clients to define their style and looks around their house for clues before steering them toward collections that fit their style and budget. The remodeler includes allowances for products and lets clients know when they are exceeding the budget.

Familiarity Breeds Efficiency

King works with several showrooms that have designers familiar with Greymark’s process. They usually start with tile, then select the plumbing fixtures. “With my tile showroom, we can be in and out in 45 minutes,” King says. Plumbing products are delivered directly to the customer’s home, but King’s tile sub picks up and inspects the tile.

Clients are overwhelmed if they have to make all their selections on one day, so King spreads out the process over three days, helping clients choose tile, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. Vanity cabinets are chosen from door samples at Greymark Construction’s office.

Just as the company’s long-term subcontractors know the firm’s quality level and expectations, King knows what she can expect from her subs. She is familiar with their pricing for a range of bath items, so she can quickly create estimates. She prefers to work with companies that have multiple crews because they are able to meet her timetable and more easily adjust to schedule changes.

—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.