From industrial-chic to updated traditional styles, manufacturers have been busy introducing stylish components for the modern, personalized bathroom. Dual-flush options offer flexibility for conservation-minded consumers, while enhanced bowl designs make for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Pressure-assist flushing and unique siphon-jet action, along with an enhanced trapway design, allow the Ultra Flush 1.0 GPF toilet to use just 1 gallon per flush. The low-consumption toilet offers superior waste removal and bowl cleaning, the maker says. Offered in one- and two-piece designs, it's available in a number of colors and styles including a Comfort Fit 17-inch model. 847.675.6570.

The company's Class Five flushing technology has been expanded to its Cimarron Comfort Height one-piece toilet. The Class Five system provides excellent bulk flushing performance using 1.6 or 1.4 gallons of water per flush — the Cimarron has a dual-flush option. The chair-height toilet also features the Cachet quiet-close, quick-release seat. 800.456.4537.

The Starck X Collection toilet's bold, square lines make a style statement in the bath. High-gloss white ceramic enhances the look. A discreet button flush sits atop the cistern, and the seat features stainless steel hinges and Soft-Close automatic closure. A wall-mounted version is also available. 888.387.2848.

TOTO. The latest in dual-flush toilets is the Aquia. Stylish and spare, it boasts an easy-maintenance skirted bowl and a dual-button flush actuator integrated into the lid. The button allows the user to flush with 1.6 or 0.9 gallons. Its wash-down system directs all of the water through the rim to keep the bowl clean. The company predicts that the Aquia will save 20% more water than an ultra-low flow toilet. 800.350.8686.

Eljer. The Titan 17-inch, 1.6-gallon toilet boasts the ProOne flushing system. The system has dual-action siphon-jet channels, a 3-inch flush valve, and a 2 1/8-inch fully glazed trapway. Stabilizer bars keep the tank from rocking on the bowl, while a sanitary bar keeps liquids from flowing underneath the tank. Double-wall packaging provides extra protection for the toilet on its way to the jobsite. 800.423.5537. For more product information, visit ebuild, Hanley Wood's interactive product catalog, at