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Basco Shower Enclosures. The Preceria shower enclosure offers a streamlined look with graceful curved elements, including a slightly curved shower door and corresponding solid header that suspends 11/2 inches over the door. The 74-inch-tall door features an oversized 8-inch elliptical through-the-glass pull handle. The enclosure’s 5/16-inch-thick glass is available in clear for the door, and clear or frosted “silk glass” for the side panels. 800.543.1938.

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Aquatic. A freestanding design is now part of the Serenity Air Bath series. The Serenity 13 — a smaller-scale version of the Serenity 11 — measures 66 inches long and 38 inches wide. The size is suitable for smaller bathrooms yet still accommodates the line’s air bath features of a 1 hp variable-speed air blower and 600-watt air heating system. A remote blower for the freestanding bath helps retain its style. 800.555.5324.

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Lasco Bathware. The SonicSplash “immersive music” option is now available on select models within the acrylic Contours collection. Patented technology allows for installation of an in-bath or in-shower sound system with sound generated from within the fixture, using the bath or shower as a “living speaker.” Unlike conventional speaker systems, sound is evenly distributed throughout the entire tub environment, generating full-spectrum audio, the maker says. 800.945.2726.

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BainUltra. From the Latin te cura, meaning “take care of yourself,” the Tekura air jet bath features the MyBodyRest accessory kit designed to let bathers fully recline in the bath, in safety and comfort, the maker says. The interchangeable MyBodyRest consists of head, arm, and leg rests available in water- and mold-resistant Cabreuva wood or Acrystal material (shown). With a choice of two sizes and four contours, customers can create a Tekura bath that meets their unique preferences. A two-person version is also available. 866.344.4515.

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Alsons. The In2Ition 2-in-1 showerhead system gives users a unique full-body shower experience. The fixed and handheld showers can operate independently or simultaneously. Choose from models with four or five spray functions, including three massage options and an aerated champagne spray. The patented four-spray In2Ition now comes in square and oval models and a new Mustang red color for design interest. Other features include a tangle-free brass hose, and finishes including brushed chrome, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. 800.421.0001.

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Mansfield Plumbing. A range of sizes and styles make it possible to find the right Essence tub for any bathroom. Tub types include a bathtub soaker, whirlpool, and air massage. Choose from basic, luxury, and sensory packages for the whirlpools, which are outfitted with the Hydro-V back jet system, featuring six jets placed specifically for shoulder, upper-, and lower-back care. An adjustable-direction flow creates a broad circular pattern of water and warm air for a deep, therapeutic massage. Other options include air massage and MoodScape chromotherapy. Five sizes are available. 800.999.1459.

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Kohler. Constructed of fiberglass-backed acrylic, and featuring a three-sided integral flange, the Groove shower receptor is available in six sizes to fit different shower designs. The recessed drain is hidden from sight and located at the rear of the receptor in all models except for the remodel size. Floor ribs improve water flow to the drain. Available in 12 colors. 800.456.4537.

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Pulse Showerspas. Pulse shower systems replace ordinary showerheads with elegantly styled pre-plumbed panels of four to eight hydro-massaging body jets, rainfall, or multifunction showerheads and handheld showers. The new Southwest-inspired Mojave shower panel is constructed of authentic hand-fored hammered copper and oil-rubbed bronze components. The shower features four dual-head body sprays, a rainshower, and a multifunction handheld shower iwth enhanced flow pressure-balanced valve technology. 888-785-7320.

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