Isenberg Faucet

This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

The Infinity Wall Mount Faucet, created in the Isenberg Design Lab in Dallas, Texas, breaks the mold of standard bath faucet placement with a wall-mounted spout designed to frame a bathroom mirror on either the left or the right.

The full fixture measures 34 inches high – or almost 3 feet – with dual mounting brackets, separate wall-mounted flow and temperature controls, and a 9-inch spout projection from the wall and into the sink. The faucet features a hidden aerator for cleaning, and operates at a flow rate of only 1.2 GPM.

The fixture is available in a number of machine-polished metallic finishes, including chrome and brushed nickel, as well as 16 ceramic-based finishes, including glossy white and black, shades of gray, brown, and green, and crimson and navy blue. Each of the ceramic finishes is oven-cured, which creates a corrosion-proof surface and provides scratch, chip, and abrasive solvent resistance.