Just months after launching in the marketplace, Bath Planet debuts its “bathroom renovation in a day” services and dealer opportunities at the Remodeling Show this fall.

The new company has some well-known competition in a segment of the market that has been gaining favor. Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of parent company BCI Acrylic, says that Bath Planet offers a series of guarantees and warranties that will set the brand apart from others.

“The concept of a bathroom renovation in a day is becoming more accepted as a remodeling solution,” Hirschhaut says. “What we strive to do is truly step it up a notch in terms of delivery, execution, and brand promise, and really stand behind it.”

With the Bath Planet Exclusive Guarantee, the company pledges respect for the client, their time, their home, and the value they place on service, products, and a job well done. For sales and installation, the company vows to take $100 off the client’s invoice if they don’t show up at the promised time. Additionally, Bath Planet has the unique ability to showcase the Good Housekeeping Seal, backing not only its products (which already carry a lifetime warranty), but also its workmanship. Good Housekeeping trusts its Seal-carrying products so much that if the product proves defective within two years, Good Housekeeping — not the manufacturer — will replace it or refund the client’s purchase. “Our application process for the Good Housekeeping Seal took six months,” Hirschhaut says. “They did an extremely thorough review of our products and services, and then they put it right back to us and said ‘prove it.’ We had to provide independent testing from NAHB [National Association of Home Builders], and we take it very seriously.”

Currently in seven markets nationwide, Hirschhaut says that Bath Planet hopes to bring on 40 new independent dealers in the first 12 months and 125 by year three. “We feel we have a great story to tell and great reasons for the customer to choose us,” Hirschhaut says. “We’re looking forward to partnering with the best of the best in the home improvement world.” BCI Acrylic | 888.922.8475 | bathplanet.com