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The sink is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom. It can serve as the focal point of the room or bend in seamlessly with the rest of the room's decor. Additionally, since the bathroom sink is a high-volume activity area, it is essential to make sure it functions properly and fits the needs of homeowners. Design experts at Hausera, an online kitchen and bath specialty retailer, forecast the styles and materials of sinks expected to be popular in 2020. Wall-mounted faucets and sinks and trough sinks are among the experts' picks for the year ahead.

Wall-mounted faucets and sinks. Wall-mounted faucets and sinks are ideal for bathrooms without much space as the elements can create the illusion of space and prevent cluttered feelings, according to Wesley Ward, vice president of marketing and merchandising at Hausera. Wall-mounted options also allow for easier cleaning for homeowners, an important consideration to make when upgrading the bathroom.

Stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel blends well with almost all styles, making a stainless steel sink a simple and inexpensive element to insert to update the feel of a bathroom. The durability of the material is also a significant advantage, according to Hausera experts, as stainless steel sinks can continue to look brand new for years with simple, regular maintenance.

Farmhouse-style sinks. While the popularity of farmhouse style on the whole is waning as the influence of "Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines has decreased, drop-in sinks with an exposed, front-facing side will likely remain a popular option for bathrooms, according to Hausera. Farmhouse-style sinks can help create bold, unique style in the bathroom while also providing the same level of function as a typical sink.

Small pedestal sinks. A simple sink, with only a basin, also works well in a small bathroom or powder rooms where space is at a premium. The variety of materials that can be used for a pedestal sink also add to its value, allowing the element to match any existing style, experts at Hausera said.

Trough sinks. These elongated, single-basin sinks with two or more faucets are ideal for spaces accommodating two or more people. Trough sinks boast versatility and can be either wall-mounted or installed in a vanity. Inspired by troughs used by farm animals, trough sinks have narrow vessels filled with water and can be made out of numerous materials, including concrete, stone, or metal. Trough sinks offer superior hygiene to other sinks since there are fewer seams and crevices, according to Hausera.