The Fibo waterproof wall panel system, shown here in gray sand. Fibo Systems

Norwegian wall panel systems manufacturer Fibo Group is launching a new series of designs and styles for its 100% waterproof wall panel system to the U.S. market, including black and white marble, gray sand, dusty blue, and olive green.

Each of the Fibo wall panels measures 23.62 by 15.74 inches in size, and may be directly mounted onto wood or steel studs, existing walls, or over ceramic tiles. The panels’ proprietary Aqualock click system provides an easy installation process and minimizes joint lines in the final product.

According to the manufacturer, the Fibo system presents an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to other waterproofing wall systems. It does not require a water vapor barrier or waterproof membrane behind the panels, and can withstand both direct water exposure and large temperature fluctuations.

“The Fibo waterproof wall paneling system is a durable, low maintenance alternative to kitchen backsplashes, shower enclosures and wet room wall coverings for both residential and commercial buildings.” says Anders Carlson, CEO of Fibo Group, which first introduced its wall panel systems to the U.S. market in 2018. “Since 1952, we’ve led the European market with our innovative designs, and now we’re expanding distribution in the U.S. where demand for cost-effective and durable wet room wall panel applications is increasing.”

Launching alongside the new colors in the U.S. are Fibo Kitchen Boards, a series of water-resistant panels designed for use as kitchen backsplashes. They are provided in packs of two panels, measuring 23.6 by 22.8 inches, and may be mounted directly onto studs, over existing walls or over ceramic tile.

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