It's easy enough to get filtered or purified water these days. If you don't want to deal with a bottled water service, you can buy pitchers that will filter your tap water, or go one step further and add a purification system to your faucets. The problem with these store-bought, self-installed fixtures is that they don't often blend in to the existing décor. They're usually plastic, and some must be installed right on the faucet itself, which is awkward and obtrusive. Luckily, several manufacturers have introduced dressed-up filtration systems that satisfy the consumer desire for better water while providing aesthetic delight.

Delta Faucet has partnered with Proctor & Gamble's PUR Water Filtration Products to create the Simply PUR water filtration system. The filtration part of the system is located beneath the sink, while the fixtures on top complement several Delta suites. It looks to be an attractive upgrade when replacing a kitchen faucet or a quick add-on to an existing set.

The PUR filter is a three-stage system that filters sediment, reduces contaminants, and improves taste. The spout is offered in either “standard” or “traditional” designs in several finishes. (Shown above is the traditional spout in Venetian bronze.) Another selling point: Simply PUR uses PUR blue filters, which can be purchased at retailers such as Target.

A two-in-one faucet and water filtration system is stylishly achieved by KWC's Pure-jet. It's essentially a pullout spray with a separate, push-button filtered-water tap. The fixture has a modern, chunky look with definite contemporary appeal. The Swiss company touts the faucet's “personality” as well as its filtration benefits. Like Simply PUR, Purejet is also offered in several finishes to satisfy a variety of tastes.

American Standard's ClearTap Water Filtering kitchen faucet has a unique single-handle design and the filtering system can be installed either on or below the sink.

Décor-friendly filtering systems like these will likely flourish in the coming years as consumers continue to demand the best and safest water in their homes, and the most stylish fixtures in their kitchens.