Enhancing Pedestals

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Some attractive design options to remedy the lack of storage and counter space of pedestal sinks.

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Open floor space helps a room appear larger. As important as this is in all rooms, it is most enticing in small bathrooms.

Compared with typical sink/cabinet combinations, pedestal sinks help bathrooms appear more open and spacious, and pedestals are available in a range of designs to fit any style. Attractive as they are, when it comes to everyday usefulness, pedestal sinks have some shortcomings.

The biggest challenge pedestals pose is that they provide very limited counter space — some pedestal fixtures barely have enough room to accommodate a bar of soap. However, when complemented with a small shelf, niche, or additional counter space, pedestals can function quite well.

The supplemental storage details shown here help keep the pedestal’s bygone era charm without sacrificing the convenient counter space that many of today’s clients expect.