Dave Myers of J. Francis Co. says that for this bathroom remodel his crew had to follow the strict guidelines of the condominium building on access and work hours. “It's a concrete building so noise transmission is horrific,” he says.

Also, the construction debris had to be removed in trash bags. The crew cut the fiberglass whirlpool and travertine tile into pieces that would fit into bags that they could then carry down via the elevator.

To access the drain line to run plumbing, the crew needed to enter the condo unit on the floor beneath the Felman's unit. “That resident was out of town for the winter. We had to work through building management and the homeowners to contact that owner so we could open up the ceiling in his unit,” Myers recalls.

“We've been doing a lot of condo building,” he says, “so we are used to it, but the restrictions make the job 15% to 20% more expensive. It's hard to sell that to residents.”