2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

A majority of baby boomers, aged 55 or older, are addressing current or future needs during master bathroom renovations, with 47% changing bathroom layouts and 34% removing bathtubs, according to the 2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

Houzz found that popular alterations to showers and bathtubs to promote accessibility and aging in place included seats in showers, low curbs, grab bars, and non-slide floors. Baby boomers accounted for 52% of homeowners in Houzz's survey, with the majority indicating they want to remain in their homes for 10 years or longer.

Triggers and Scopes
The Houzz survey finds that bathroom renovations are less likely to be motivated by pent-up demand than in recent years and more likely to be the result of recent home purchases. Over 80% of those renovating elect to replace major features such as showers and vanities during their remodel, while 44% change the batrhoom's layout.

Houzz finds that 46% of master bathroom renovations are paired with master bedroom renovations, with nearly 81% of master suite remodels maintaining the same or contemporary style

2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

Labor Woes
The results of the survey indicate that 83% of master bath renovators elect to hire professional services. Despite this, the hiring of general contractors declined from 53% in 2017 to 46% in 2018. Houzz indicated this trend is consistent with other findings in home improvement activity and "is likely driven in part by a shortage of available contractors."

2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

Four in five homeowners reported changing the style of their master bath, with contemporary style remaining the most popular choice for homeowners. Farmhouse style for bathroom renovations has more than doubled in popularity since 2016 and has a market share of 12%, according to Houzz.

Matching metal finishes across fixtures and hardware is popular among those remodeling, with 58% opting for such styles. Brushed stain nickel and polished chrome are the two most popular matched metal finishes for fixtures.

Gray remains the most popular choice for bathroom wall and flooring colors, while the color is gaining in market share and popularity in bathroom cabinetry coloring. White and wood, however, remain the most popular choices for bathroom vanities.

Premium Features
Dual undermount sinks remain the most popular option for the 66% of renovators who choose to updated their sinks, while vessel sinks are increasing in market share. Built-in versions of vanities are the most popular option for homeowners, followed by freestanding vanities and wall-mounted vanity options.

Premium options in bathroom, such as one-piece toilets, double-flush mechanisms, dual showers, and rainfall shower hears are becoming increasingly popular among home renovators.

2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

The study released by Houzz crunched numbers from an online, 56-question survey fielded between June and October. The results of the survey analyze the responses of 1,144 Houzz users who either have completed a bathroom renovation in the past 12 months, are currently working on a bathroom renovation, or are planning on a renovation in the next three months.