How many ways can you dress a duck? The answer's plenty, if you ask DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen by Worldwide, of Waco, Texas. The company reminds clients about who remodeled their bathroom with a bath toy -- a rubber duckie, with a twist. Among the collection are ducks with cell phones, hardhats, and snorkeling gear. There are Santas, cheerleaders, cowboys, surfers, and court jesters. The DreamMaker logo is imprinted on the duck's chest.

The ducks cost about $2 each and are also used as gifts to past customers or as holiday or home show giveaways. Visitors to the franchisor's trade show booths even admit to collecting.

"We try to keep our offering fresh," says Amy Brown, marketing director. DreamMaker serves up a new duck style each year. The company shares the latest with franchisees at its annual June gathering, giving franchisees, who order in bulk, more ducks targeted to customers' interests. "Every time we reorder, we look for something new and unusual," Brown says. "Everybody loves them. They always say they want them for their kids. I question that."