Inspired by cooking shows that emphasize quick and healthy meal preparation, the team at Dave Fox Remodeling, in Columbus, Ohio, created a kitchen design that paves the way for fast cooking and easy cleanup. The “30-minute kitchen” is a display that is part of the company's showroom.

Louise Budde, interior design manager at Dave Fox Remodeling, says the goal was to put a lot into a compact space so the cook does not have to move around as much. Features include a refrigerator drawer, a dishwasher drawer, a rapid-cook oven, open shelving, lift-up cabinet doors, and in-counter utensil storage.

In this design, 30-inch deep cabinets allow for extra space behind the kitchen sink for inset metal cups to hold utensils. “The newer guidelines from the National Kitchen & Bath Association refer to using the back of the countertop for storage,” Budde says.

“Our customers are interested in how we are able to fit so much into a tiny space and make it functional,” the designer says. So far the company has not built this exact kitchen for any client, but it has used elements from the kitchen in larger projects; for example, installing drawer appliances and raising a dishwasher for easy reach.

“We designed it more for healthy meals in a short amount of time. More for a small family or for a couple. You could take the concept and move it into bigger pieces for a larger family,” Budde says.