There is a growing demand for more efficient storage solutions in existing homes. As a remodeler, what are the latest and greatest methods for designing and building new storage spaces? 

When ample storage is overlooked during initial construction, such as in older homes or buildings, it can be challenging to then incorporate attractive, efficient solutions. This is especially true for key areas like master closets, pantries, mudrooms, laundry rooms, offices, utility storage rooms, or common areas. ClosetMaid® Professional Services℠ is designed to help remodelers formulate effective storage system options for their clients by supporting them throughout the design, specification, and installation process.

ClosetMaid systems are custom fit and tailored to the client’s timeline and budget. Remodelers always want cost effective options that meet customer aesthetic requirements. Since storage design can tax patience and be difficult to manage, ClosetMaid Professional Services streamlines the entire process to improve the client experience and increase the remodeler’s bottom line.

Complimentary Services at Your Fingertips

ClosetMaid provides Professional Services Representatives (PSRs) who are available as a first point of contact. The highly-trained PSRs partner with you or your professional staff to accomplish a variety of tasks, including but not limited to: product consultation, design assistance, drawings and details, specifications, estimates, takeoffs, and installation support and coordination.

Professional Services are complimentary and will allow remodelers to enhance their services portfolio, as well as provide comprehensive options for the client or project at-hand. With this one initiative, PSRs will handle up to 100 percent of the product solution consultation and design support―before and after occupancy. Specification and design documentation can be provided and easily integrated into master project plans or client presentations to support the remodel or retrofit process.

Simplify and Save Time

Your clients may attempt to create their own storage spaces―and their own clutter in the process―without a successful conclusion. Saving a client from a potential do-it-yourself process during a remodel or renovation can save both time and money in the long run. It will also allow you to incorporate what specific clients want most in their closet and storage solutions. Finished closet and storage products can easily be installed after paint, before flooring, and with minimal on-the-job site cuts. There is no need to paint or caulk after installing a ClosetMaid system, resulting in a faster installation cycle without sacrificing quality during the remodel process.

“We partner with remodelers throughout the planning, design, and build stages to ensure that our systems are customizable and scalable to meet the needs of any specific project, no matter how large or small,” says Craig Moeller, Vice President of Marketing for ClosetMaid. “Our Professional Services team provides the support needed for successful projects and a healthy bottom line.”

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