National Gypsum

The Gold Bond brand SoundBreak XP Ceiling Board is the last addition to National Gypsum’s PURPLE family of noise-reducing drywall products.

The SoundBreak XP drywall units consists of two pieces of gypsum board covered in a specially-designed purple paper and laminated together with a viscoelatic polymer. The boards measure four feet wide, 3/4 inches thick, and come in standard lengths of 8 to 10 feet, with non-standard lengths and widths available by request. Each board weighs 2.9 pounds per square foot.

The board provides Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) values above 60 in specific floor-ceiling assemblies (as tested to ASTM E90 standards), and meets maximum mold resistance standards per ASTM D3273 and G21. The board installs and decorates in the same manner as standard gypsum, and meets GREENGUARD Gold Certification standards.

“According to a recent survey, more than 40% of homeowners struggle with a noise issue in their homes and we know there are similar challenges in commercial spaces,” says Chris Whitmire, National Gypsum’s product manager for gypsum systems. “With the introduction of SoundBreak XP Ceiling Board, our PURPLE family of drywall products now has a solution for every application whether its room-to-room or between floors.”

The PURPLE gypsum board family of products also includes the SoundBreak XP Retrofit, which may be layered over existing walls to provide sound damping, and the SoundBreak XP Wallboard.

This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.