The Circolo rosette and Circolo knob in satin black.
Viaggio Hardware The Circolo rosette and Circolo knob in satin black.

Regal Brands has launched a new hardware brand, Viaggio Hardware, featuring pieces inspired by the architecture of Northern Italy and, in particular, Milan. According to the manufacturer, the collection is defined by its pairing of fluid lines and natural textures, which create an air of design sophistication.

All pieces are forged in Europe from solid brass, and features the company’s Concealed Screw Mechanism to eliminate exposed screws.

The initial launch of the Viaggio Hardware line includes three product collections: Circolo, featuring curved cylindrical aesthetics; Quadrato, featuring geometric corners and lines; and Motivo, which combines smooth surfaces with organic texture options. These design collections encompass three crystal knobs, two brass knobs, and six lever styles, which may be mixed and matched with Circolo, Quadrato, or Motivo rosettes.

All pieces are available in a choice of five finishes—bright chrome, satin black, satin brass, satin nickel, and titanium gray. Additional texture options include hammered metal, linen, and leather, which can be mixed and matched between rosettes and handles. Product options include interior sets and entry sets with deadbolts.