Anvil Paints & Coatings. A new modified acrylic coating, Anvil 2400 Professional Venetian Plaster, contains ground marble with translucent properties that replicate the integrally colored elegance of polished marble. Developed for interior applications, the plaster can be protected with Anvil 2350 Wet Look Sealer in moisture-prone areas. Unwaxed and unsealed, Anvil 2400 can be made to resemble Old World plaster by highlighting with Anvil 2300 Semi-Transparent stain. The plaster itself is a universal colorant-tintable base that can be tinted in more than 1,000 colors. 800.822.6776.

Mythic Paint. According to the maker, Mythic latex paint is the only high-performance paint currently available that has no VOCs or toxins and is noncarcinogenic. It is not required to carry any governmental warning labels based on its content. Tinted through a toxin-free coloring system, the paint is available in more than 1,200 shades and can be color-matched to any competitive color. In third-party testing, the paint performed as well or better than other brands in areas of thickness, sheen, sag resistance, leveling, gloss, and the “scrub test,” the maker says. 888.714.9422.

Sherwin-Williams. Contractors who take on exterior painting projects can rest easy over thoughts of morning dew or impending bad weather, thanks to Resilience Premium Exterior Paint. The maker says the paint is formulated to reach a moisture-resistant cure in half the time of other exterior paints, thanks to MoistureGuard technology. The paint is available in a wide range of colors and contains VinylSafe Color Technology, which allows vinyl siding to be painted in dark colors without concern for warping or buckling due to heat absorption. The low-VOC paint meets stringent GS-11 standards. 800.474.3794.

Masterchem Industries. A versatile oil-based primer for indoor and outdoor projects, Kilz Complete offers the brand’s known stain-blocking characteristics with the convenience of multi-surface performance. The primer tackles a variety of paint challenges, including pet odors, smoke, water, tanning bleed, and graffiti stains. Kilz Complete is also designed to ensure truer color from top-coat paints, the maker says. 866.774.6371.

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