By Christine Hartman. Half the work of laundry is getting the clothes to and from the laundry room. But that's not a problem anymore in this Concord, Mass., home. Architect Holly Cratsley of Nashawtuc Architects, Concord, and contractor Douglas Bellow of Gilman, Guidelli and Company, Somerville, Mass., designed and built a solution that makes doing the laundry a breeze.

The laundry room and upstairs hallway shared a wall that was punched through to share a linen closet and laundry pass-through. On the linen closet side, shelves hold the clean towels and sheets that come out of the dryer. On the other side, laundry baskets catch the clothes that family members sort and deposit from the hallway. Because the laundry room is a couple of steps down from the hallway, the shelves are easy to access from the laundry room without a lot of bending.

Utility Closet: The laundry room is a couple of steps down from the hallway, so the shelves on the laundry room side are easy to access without much bending.

On the laundry room side, the blue beadboard closet doors match the cabinets, and the big black and white floor tiles make the room look old fashioned. On the hallway side, the four-panel doors add an eye-catching detail to the long corridor and serve to shorten the space.