By Stephani L. Miller. Current ceramic tile designs echo an American sense of proportion and style, but with a distinctly European flare. Rustic textures and colors on floors, walls, and surfaces create a welcoming effect in kitchens and baths, while cool metallic accents maintain a sleek look.

American Marazzi Tile. The new i Metalli metal ceramic tile accents for floor and wall applications are available in three colors: antique gold, autumn bronze, and brushed nickel. Five styles are available. Tiles in the Classic Series show undulating surfaces and colors, while Modern Series tiles have a three-dimensional, flat-topped pyramidal structure. Other styles are Fruit Medley, Basketweave, and Fleur De Lis. (972) 226-0110.

Euroclay Tile & Marble. Palmos and Sithonia mold-fired clay floor tiles are unglazed with a textured finish. The tiles are shock, stain, and acid/alkali resistant and can be used in kitchen and bath applications. Shown are, from left to right, Palmos Pharos Earth and Pharos Grey, and Sithonia Soft Clay and Terra Cotta. (301) 681-9203.

International Wholesale Tile. The tiles of the Tesoro Collection for floors, walls, countertops, and backsplashes come in a wide variety of stone-look designs, including borders and accents. Available in many sizes, the tiles have an aged appearance, the company says. The Breccia Series porcelain floor tile, pictured here, is frost and skid resistant, is available in beige and ivory, and has a bullnosed trim. Tiles are 20 inches square. (800) 340-8453.

Crossville Porcelain Stone/USA. The surface of Milestone Mosaics through-body porcelain stone-look mosaic tiles won't wear out, says the company, because the tiles are not glazed but fired with a colored porcelain powder that melds with the surface. The 3-inch-square tiles are available in 10 slate-look colors. Pictured here, Moonrock mosaic tiles combine with Cascade Mountain Stone and topaz and pewter glass accents. (800) 221-9093.

Tau. Alpax tiles offer the texture of commercial stainless steel in a metallic-glazed porcelain wall tile. Available in one smooth style and five relief-patterned styles and in field tiles, listelli, and trims, tile sizes are 12 by 24 inches and 8 inches square. (800) 351-0038.

Saloni. Eternity series glazed porcelain tiles replicate natural stones in squares, octagons, rectangles, decors, borders, and medallions. All tiles are 11 millimeters thick and come in sizes of 2 by 2 centimeters up to 30 by 61 centimeters. (305) 446-4387.