The look of reclaimed wood has found its way to laminates with Armstrong Flooring's latest collection, Architectural Remnants. The product line offers durable flooring in species and colors that look as if they have already withstood years of use. The appearance is created by special imaging technology that creates realistic coloration, plus embossed-in-register textures for lifelike graining and depth seen in reclaimed wood. Architectural Remnants includes:

  • Antique Structure, a natural-looking reclaimed wooden floor with distressed and worn white paint
  • Skip Planed, created by the effects of textured sanding
  • Woodland Reclaim, comibining several wood species in multiple widths
  • Saw Mark Oak, offering texutred details in popular oak colors

The collection is available in eight colors and species, and comes in varying sizes. The 12mm laminate features Armstrong's VisionGuard wear layer to protect from staining, fading, and wear-through. HydraCore Plus gives the material a more solid feel compared to standard laminate flooring. The extra density of a thicker board also helps to dampen sound, such as echoes or clicking sometimes associated with laminates. Each floor fits in a traditional setting or can be used to create an eclectic-looking space.

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