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PermaBase Plus Offers Durable Cement Board with 25% Less Weight

Lighter weight materials mean installation efficiencies in a varity of... More

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Armstrong's 'Architectural Remnants' Offers Reclaimed Wood in a Laminate

A durable wearlayer and strengthened core combine with the look of old wood to... More

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Strength & Beauty: Rosboro Treated X-Beam Glulam

Unlike other treated wood products, this versatile component retains an attractive wood look. More

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Rooftop Connection: Anchor Products U-Anchor 2400

Use this anchor with approved fasteners to connect rooftop elements directly to structural members of a building. More

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Sustainable Ceiling: WoodTrac Ceiling System

Get a custom-looking wood ceiling made from FSC-certified materials without the... More

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New Vantage Point: Vantage Engineered Strand Bamboo Flooring

Teragren introduces this thoroughly FSC-certified bamboo flooring. More

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Veiled Vent

Hiding a vent in plain sight More

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RH Peterson's Real Fyre Direct Vent Gas Inserts

These inserts use no room air for combustion, generating efficiencies of up to 82%. More

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Double the Design: Heat N Glo Twilight Modern Two-Sided Gas Fireplace

Get twice the impact with this modern two-sided fireplace that can span indoor-outdoor installations. More

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Crate & Bleacher: Viridian Reclaimed Engineered Wood Flooring

Broken down crates and gym bleachers are put to good use in this new product. More

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