From graphic tiles to important behind-the-wall solutions for healthy homes, the 2016 International Builders Show and Kitchen & Bath Industry Show have no shortage of new products for your upcoming projects.

Future of Pre-Fab
Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS research proposes an alternative to conventional construction: a pre-fab delivery method for assembling medium and high density urban housing which can be less expensive, safer, energy-efficient and of the highest quality. The FutureHAUS bathroom on display at KBIS 2016 is a modular "cartridge" prototype for this building process which explores the possibilities of prefabricated architectural components for a home.

More From Your Drawer
Masterbrand Cabinets' Omega line is all about functionality this year with a series of new cabinet designs. Here, cabinets pop open and slide over to save space in a smaller kitchen. They've also introduced push-open drawers that eliminate the need for hardware and allow for hands-free opening with a knee in cases when hands are full or messy. The solution is perfect for under-the-bench or trash can drawers. Also look for in-drawer electrical outlets from these brands.

Fan Favorite
Solaro Aire's solar-powered attic fans remove moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter and ventilate hot air during the summer. The units qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on materials and installation, and operate with no electricity. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Faucet Fix
Have you installed a faucet only to find out that it's too small for the space? No priblem with Grohe's new size variations ranging from "S" to "XL." The base stays the same so the faucet hole never changes or needs to be re-drilled. Simply order the size you really need and the issue is solved.

Care for a Smoke?
Stationary or on casters with an integrated solid-surface countertop, this undercabinet smoker from luxurty appliance maker Kalamazoo Outdoor brings additional utility to outdoor kitchens. A sealed, gravity-fed charcoal column flanks an insulated chamber and sits atop a fire grate, below which wood pieces can be placed. Falling embers from the coal cause the wood to smolder and smoke, infusing the chamber - along with the meats, fruit, and vegetables inside - with flavor. Engineered baffles eliminate hot spots, while an integrated fan system monitors the chamber's internal temperature to ensure consistency.

Tile Maven
One of five collections by American designer Kelly Wearstler, in collaboration with tile manufacturer Ann Sacks, Maven features 11 single-color ceramic tile designs, including Solstice (shown). The patterned gray and black linework is derived from screen-printing and hand-painting. A total of 30 colorways and white-on-white hues are offered. The tiles come in 8-inch squares and can be used indoors on walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and light-use flooring.

Adorne Your Home
Lighting controls maker Legrand is updating its Wi-Fi lighting system with the Hub, a new back-end control for Wi-Fi enabled switches and lamps. Control the system from the company's Adorne brand wall switches (shown, for the Wi-Fi enabled version) as well as a new companion app. The Hub is designed to be connected with the home's Wi-Fi router.

Pass On the Salt
Enviro Water Products' salt-free water softening and filtration system helps remove chlorine, chloramine, and other contaminants from household water, while also helping to eliminate scale buildup in appliances. The result is healthier, cleaner, better-tasting water. This all comes in a package that runs on water pressure (not electricity), and eliminates the hassle and wasted water from salt-based systems. Some municipalities offer rebates to customers who switch to non-salt systems.

Stick It to the Subfloor
Recognizing an opportunity for improvement in how adhesives work with their subflooring panels, Advantech introduced a branded polyurethane foam-to-gel subfloor adhesive, plus a 100% Squeak-Free Guarantee. The guarantee applies when the adhesive is used specifically in an assembly with Advantech panels, I-joists or floor trusses, and deformed fasteners. An ergonomic gun delivers the adhesive, which releases as a foam that penetrates into the wood fibers before settling into a gel. One can of Advantech subfloor adhesive offers the same amount of material as up to 8 standard adhesive cartridges.

Garage Modern
Clopay has jumped on the contemporary design trend with the new Modern Steel collection. Starting with its insulated steel door, the offering gives designers and their clients a wide range of customization options including window placement, size, and glass packages. Modern Steel helps give homeowners the look of Clopay's contemporary Avante garage door at a more affordable price point.

Seamless Window Frame
The exterior of Milgard's Essence Radius Casement is made from a phenolic material similar to the durable surface found in skate parks. The material is a sheet good that Milgard cuts with a CNC water jet to create one-piece frames with no seams or exposed fasteners. The one-piece configuration gives a sleek look and also helps eliminate racking and other concerns.

Give a Little Credit
GreenSky Credit wants to help contractors improve their close rates and increase sales by making it easy to offer project financing. The company's app-based platform can collect necessary information and initiate a credit check and approval on the spot, all within the app and without traditional paperwork. Contractors can choose from 20 different financing options to offer their customers, and pay for the service per transaction.

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