The 21st century has seen some heavily active storm seasons. With Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, 2005 was the most active and costliest hurricane season on record. This was followed by 2010, 2011, and 2012 (including hurricane Sandy), all of which tied for the third most active seasons on record. While 2014 saw no major hurricanes, the current June-through-November storm season is only getting underway and demands caution as builders and remodelers learn from the damage of the past.

In addition to the ten storm-ready building products listed here, several groups are offering tips to help storm-fearing homeowners stay prepared. CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors advises understanding the storm-related weather terminology of the area, and never underestimating the power of an oncoming storm. At the Insurance Industry for Building Home Safety, experts suggest using sunny days to secure loose objects around the outside of the house, and also offer extensive planning ideas for businesses to prepare for damaging storms. Take all of that into account, along with these tough building products, to help make this storm season ultimately weatherable.

Shutter to Think
Unique coastal architecture calls for authentic accents that can both add to and protect the aesthetic. Atlantic Premium Shutters are designed to do just that, delivering hurricane storm-rated performance with architecturally thoughtful design. From tropical southern Florida to Colonial New England, Atlantic Premium Shutters are available in a variety of colors and design options including operational louvers, fully functional hardware, and custom cut-outs. The brand's Architectural and Coastal Collection shutters are available in Bahama style storm protection models, and can also be outfitted with an exterior horizontal storm bar for window protection, or an inside-locking U-shaped storm bar.


Head of the Class
Atlas Roofing's StormMaster shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector is available in slate and shake profiles that offer a stylish aesthetic while bolstering the roof's weatherability. The shingles boast a Class 4 storm rating, meaning they are built for durability and performance in extreme weather conditions including high winds, heavy rain and snow, and hail. StormMaster shingles offer wind resistance up to 130 mph, Class 4 impact resistance, and Class A fire resistance. Some installations may allow for reduced homeowners' insurance premiums.

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Weather-Safe Power
Briggs & Stratton's Symphony II power management system is helping overcome price objections to installing back-up power. The sophisticated technology prioritizes loads so homeowners can power more systems and appliances with a smaller (and therefore less expensive) generator, without causing faults. Depending on the configuration and the appliances being powered, homeowners could reduce the size of the generator needed by as much as half, such as installing a 10kw generator instead of a 20kw unit for an average size home.

Strengthened Slider
No coastal home is complete without a sliding glass door to bridge indoor and outdoor living spaces. Several new updates to CGI Windows & Door's Sentinel line includes the Sentinel 150 sliding glass door (shown). Now available in a 10-foot height and 2-, 3-, and 4-track and pocketed configurations, the door allows for an impact-resistant span to let the light in. Other features include concealed installation fasteners, tandem stainless steel rollers, mitered corner detailing, stainless steel fasteners, and a screen designed to be as tough as the door panels. Choose from 7/16- or 1-inch laminated glass in nine color options, along with available energy-efficient low-E coating.

Strut Your Stuff
Clopay's new tapered strut (T-Strut) design has recently received a U.S. Patent. The T-Strut's construction makes installation of the maker's Storm-Ready and WindCode garage doors faster and easier, while the strut itself strengthens the door in cases of severe weather. The T-Strut also takes up less space than other reinforcement bars, allowing for leaving more useable space inside the garage. As long as the door is locked, WindCode and Storm-Ready overhead doors don't require additional posts or pins to secure the door, which can be a time-saving convenience in the case of quick evacuations.

Big Impact
Masonite's impact-rated StormGuard fiberglass and steel doors meet strict building code requirements in hurricane-prone areas, without sacrificing style. Specifically designed for coastal homes to comply with High Velocity Hurricane Zones, Wind-Born Debris region, the doors are available in a range of textured fiberglass designs that mimic real oak, fir, or mahogany. Other features include composite-edge stiles and bottom rails, and optional laminated, impact-rated decorative glass designs tested against strict insulated glass standards.

Stick to It
Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal is MFM's self-adhering waterproofing underlayment. The non-slip, cross-laminated polymer film is laminated to a high-tempearature rubberized aggressive asphalt adhesive. The material bonds to the substrate and seals around fasteners to limit damage caused by water penetration or leaks. Ideal for use under shingle, tile, shake, and metal roofing, Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal features a split-release liner for easy installation in valleys, ridges, and around chimneys. A 2-square roll measures 36-inches wide and 67 feet long. The material can be left exposed for up to 90 days.

Clip it Together
The Ultimate Clip is Nichiha's improved installation system for its fiber cement Architectural Wall Panels. Comprising a starter track and a single 26-inch clip style, the system simplifies installation over previous versions which required users to choose from multiple clip styles and sizes depending on installation factors. Creating a built-in rainscreen with a 10mm air space to drain moisture and dry the wall, the Ultimate Clip system improves the system's wind rating by up to 83%. Only two clips are needed per 6-foot panel in basic installations. Users can work with Nichiha engineers to customize the system as needed for various installations. Miami-Dade approval is pending.

Headed for the Coast
Weather Shield is re-launching its Premium Coastal product line later this year, and new units recently received Miami-Dade approval. The aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors are designed especially for homes in coastal climates. Impact-resistant glazing options include single-glazed, insulated glass, Zo-e-shield Coastal which combines insulated impact-resistant glazing with energy-efficient Zo-e-shield. The aluminum cladding is coated with a high-durability paint in a choice of 12 standard colors, 45 designer colors, and eight anodized aluminum options. Resistant to corrosion from salt spray, special seacoast hardware is also available.

Drain the Deck
Zip-Up UnderDeck now offers a hurricane wind-tested finishing option for the underside of raised decks and exterior soffits. Made from lightweight PVC components, Zip-Up UnderDeck meets every Florida standard for static and cyclic load tests of hurricane-strength winds, and carries a Class A fire rating. The components are engineered to fit together easily, creating a water-tight barrier that channels water away through a gutter system. An optional hurricane rail supports the main rail when the system is installed on exterior soffits or over covered outdoor spaces. The system's panels unzip for quick access for cleaning and easy access to items that may have been dropped from above.

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