If you think Greenbuild Expo is just for commercial construction, think again. Exhibitors at the event, coming up November 20-22 in Philadelphia, will showcase a host of new products from across the industry that have applications in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and other segments. The engineered lumber category is one such example. Here are two new products you can see on the show floor come November.


Zip's New Accreditation Huber Engineered Woods announced that its ZIP System R-Sheathing has achieved code approval under the International Code Council Evaluation Service's (ICC-ES) updated acceptance criteria for proprietary sheathing panels. The ICC-ES heightened its criteria for the product category earlier in 2013 to help ensure that products comply with 2009 and 2012 editions of the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC). "The quality of building products ahs become increasingly important to builders as energy and building codes become more difficult to meet," says Matt O'Brien, vice president of commerical operations. "The stricter requirements set forth by ICC-ES is reflective of that need."


ZIP System R-Sheathing is a five-in-one insulated panel designed to provide bilk water, thermal, air, and moisture resistance while delivering strength and durability. Installed with ZIP System tape to create a seamless airtight seal, ZIP System R-Sheathing helps provides energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs. As of press time, ZIP System R-Sheathing is the only structural panel sheathing to have met the new criteria. Huber Engineered Woods | 800.933.9220 | huberwood.com

Windfall's Thin & Flexible Panel

Designers will find even more uses for Winfall Engineered Panels now that the product is available in a more flexible 1/4-inch thickness. The manufacturer says the new panel was developed in response to customers who liked the original 3/4-inch product, but were clamoring for something that could more easily install in wall and ceiling applications, and wrap around fixtures and rounded surfaces. The thinner panel is also lighter, which helps reduce shipping charges. Featuring the same attributes as the 3/4-inch product, the 1/4-inch Windfall Engineered Panels are made from reclaimed Douglas fir and hemlock from deconstructed industrial, agricultural, and residential buildings in the Pacific Northwest.

The new 1/4-inch product is available if 48-by96-inch panel sizes and comes in a  variety of stains and complementary finishes for interior applications. Iron & vinegar or clear waterborne topcoats show off the wood's natural grain, or choose from finishes in anthracite, café mocha, ebony, or white tones. Give it a try as a wall covering, engraving background, signage, and more in residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail settings. Windfall Lumber | 360.352.2250 | windfalllumber.com

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