Product: Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Splits

Matt Risinger, owner, Risinger Homes, in Austin, Texas, says: I was introduced to mini-split systems during a visit to Japan about 10 years ago. I thought it was incredible that all I had to do was pick up the remote control and operate the unit in my room, and the rest of the house could be totally different.

In Texas, it’s uncommon to have a zoned HVAC system. As a result, a lot of houses here are uncomfortable. They’re naturally stratified with cooler rooms on the lower levels.

We find Mitsubishi makes a really good mini-split unit that’s reliable and super comfortable. There are a lot of nice features that are worth the money, like “dry mode,” where you can set a higher temperature, but still have an amount of humidity control so you can keep the space conditioned without spending a lot of money and energy cooling it.

Aesthetics has been the only drawback with these systems. People don’t want to see the mini-split head on the wall. In secondary rooms such as finished basements, media rooms, and exercise rooms, people have been OK with them.”

—Lauren Hunter is the senior products editor at REMODELING. Find her on Twitter at @LaurenHunter_HW or @RemodelingMag.