ECR International. Freewatt (at left) is a home heating system that is a green alternative to traditional products. Designed for heat and power, the natural-gas unit combines an Energy Star-rated, high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler with a Honda generator so electricity can be used to power the home or sold back to the grid. 888.800.1551.

Knauf Insulation. EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation (at right) products incorporate Ecose technology, a binding agent that converts organic materials into an inert polymer, bonding the glasswool insulation fibers together. EcoBatt combines a minimum of 30% postconsumer recycled glass with sand and Ecose technology, which is up to 70% less energy-intensive than traditional binders. The combination reduces the product’s carbon footprint by eliminating petroleum-based chemicals traditionally used to make insulation binders. EcoBatt contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics, or artificial colors. 800.825.4434.

Viance. Protected with a non-metallic preservative and wood-stabilizer system, Ecolife (at left) boards offer the look of wood with advancements in weathering protection, fastener performance, and environmental attributes, the maker says. Ecolife treated wood can be used in direct contact with aluminum and provides long-term protection against decay and termites. Treatable species include southern yellow pine, radiata, ponderosa, red pine, Douglas fir, Patula pine, Caribbean pine, Eastern white pine, Hem-fir, Eastern hemlock, and sub-alpine fir. Suitable for interior or exterior above-grade applications. 800.421.8661.

Zephyr. The maker’s first Energy Star-rated rangehood, ES1 (at right) is designed to cut energy consumption by 65% over the hood’s life span, the maker says. Additionally, the unit utilizes energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs that last up to five times longer than halogen bulbs. Designed for vertical or horizontal ducting using a 3-speed, 280-CFM internal blower, the unit measures 30 inches wide and is available in black, white, or stainless steel. 888.880.8368.

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