Legrand Adorne Switches and Outlets

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From their design to their functionality, the Adorne product line will be something designers will want to work with instead of around.

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Who knew light switches and outlets would be something to draw attention to? With its new Adorne product line, Legrand is giving homeowners and designers a collection of new products to work with instead of around.

"Historically, consumers and designers haven't given their light switches a second thought. If anything they were more concerned with hiding them," says Mario Gonzalez, vice president of marketing for the Adorne collection. "Extensive research tells us that homeowners and the architecture and design community are ready for something new and different. Through the launch of Adorne, Legrand is enabling consumers to give the same level of design expression to the light switches as with all other decorative products in the home."

The collection includes a line of switches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates. Seven models each provide a unique on/off activation and user experience, such as:

  • The Touch Switch, which uses capacitive touch technology to control lights. The translucent face operates like an iPod.
  • The Wave Switch activates lights with the wave of a hand.
  • The SensaSwitch turns lights on and off when people enter or leave the room.
  • The Pop-Out Outlet ejects to offer three outlets when needed, and can be pushed back in to fit flush to the wall when not in use.

The switches and outlets are paired with wall plates in 32 finishes, including cast metals, natural woods, leather, and vibrant brights. All items in the collection fit within existing electrical boxes and have no visible screws. Many feature indicator lights or accent nightlights for ease of use. Legrand | 877.295.3472 | adornemyhome.com

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