BlueLounge. Accent your clients’ beautiful new foyer — or convince your boss to finally take his BlackBerry off his hip — with the Sanctuary charging station (left). Twelve built-in connectors are compatible with more than 1,500 devices from most major manufacturers. The Sanctuary gives PDAs, MP3 players, and other items a place to charge simultaneously without revealing the device’s electronic components. Available in black or white with a reversible black and tan concealing insert. 626.564.2802.

P3 International. Put energy savings in your clients’ stockings with the Kill A Watt consumption monitor (below right). Plug the Kill A Watt into the wall, and plug an appliance into the device to determine how efficient the appliance really is. The large LCD display will count consumption by the kilowatt-hour. From there, calculate electrical expenses by the day, week, month, or year. With 0.2% accuracy, home­owners who discover that their appliances aren’t up to scratch will know to call their remodeler for an energy upgrade. 212.346.7979.

Striker. Your crews will see the light almost anywhere with the Magnetic LED light (below). About the size of a golf ball, and featuring an intensely bright, wide-angle LED, the Magnetic LED light is covered with 12 powerful rare earth magnets that allow it to stick to any steel surface or rest on a surface with the light aimed in almost any direction. The magnets are also a great “pick-up” tool for dropped screws or nails. Requires three button-cell batteries. 704.658.9332.


Duluth Trading Co. Stuff your crew members’ stockings with Extreme DTPro Gauntlet Gloves (right). The Sportwool lining wicks away moisture to keep hands warm and dry during winter work. Gauntlet cuffs are 4 inches long with a bungee closure to keep out cold and moisture. The gloves’ tough nylon shell is waterproof and breathable, and features Kevlar fiber stitched seams. A close fit provides for maximum dexterity. 800.505.8888.

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