Product: Grace Vycor enV

Why It Works: When a northern New England family needed to replace their home’s splitting, cracking cedar siding, they opted to improve energy efficiency at the same time. They hired remodeler Michael Lapointe, who turned to fluid-applied Vycor enV fully adhered weather-resistive barrier.

“Vycor enV replaces regular housewrap — it envelops the whole house and makes a better bond, sealing the house without all the seams,” Lapointe says. And, he adds, traditional housewrap “is a lot more hassle” due to the need to tape at every wrap seam and use cap nails or cap staples, making projects more costly and time-consuming.

“Since this was a rehab job with all the windows and doors already in place, rolling housewrap around all the obstructions would have been very difficult,” Lapointe says. “Even when rolling housewrap on new construction, it tends to be a pain. But I found the enV really easy to work with. I’m sold on the product and will keep recommending it to others.” Grace Construction Products | 866.333.3726 |