Don't let a bright white bead of caulk cause eyes to wander from your finished design. Red Devil's Create-A-Color Caulk system lets users create custom-tinted caulk by blending it with latex paint to match walls, tile, countertops, or exterior trim and siding for a thoughtfully finished project. Unlike some caulks that repel paint, the colorizing system uses a proprietary caulk blend that bonds to the paint when the two materials meet in the mixer. Even when tinted, the caulk is formulated for reliable adhesion, mildew resistance, and low odor, and cleans up with water.

The kit includes a standard caulk mixer, two tubes of the specialty formulated Create-A-Color caulk, a syringe for injecting the paint, and an instruction guide. An easy-to-clean heavy-duty metal caulk mixer is also available for regular use. After mixing, the tinted caulk should be applied with a standard caulk gun. Red Devil | 800.423.3845 |

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