Georgia Pacific. Featuring a pre-applied weather-resistant barrier, Nautilus OSB wall sheathing eliminates the need for housewrap. The panels also resist rain and moisture during the construction period, which can help avoid costly moisture-related problems. The boards are designed to be used with code-compliant Nautilus 3-inch-wide seam tape to seal against air leaks and improve energy efficiency. 877.437.9759.

Roseburg Forest Products. The maker’s new solid-sawn RFPI Joist is available in two series: RFPI 40S and RFPI 60S. Both series have a 21/2-inch-wide by 11/2-inch-thick solid sawn flange that offers more space for nailing. The joists are compatible with standard connectors and hangers and can accommodate holes for plumbing and HVAC conduits. Both series will be available in four depths with lengths up to 60 feet. 800.347.7260.

iLevel by Weyerhaeuser. Meet demanding structural challenges with Shear Brace pre-built engineered panels. The panels provide lateral bracing to help homes resist forces imposed by high winds and earthquakes. Shear Brace panels are designed to perform more predictably and consistently than site-built shear walls, and can fi t in narrower wall sections of 12 or 18 inches. Pre-drilled holes facilitate installation of wiring and plumbing, and additional holes can be drilled on-site. 888.453.8358.

LP.SolidStart LSL is designed to outperform and be more environmentally responsible than dimensional lumber. Ideal for a wide variety of residential construction uses, including headers, beams, wall studs, rafters, truss chorders, rim board, stair stringers, and more, SolidStart LSL is sealed on its ends and edges to protect against moisture absorption and edge swell. The product line includes a 1.75E engineered wood board that can accommodate tall walls and large room spans currently popular in construction designs. 888.820.0325.

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