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James Hardie. Using a proprietary MicroTech coating, new HardieWrap weather barrier prevents water from entering the home, while allowing the structure to dry out and breathe. Used in conjunction with the maker’s fiber-cement siding, HardieWrap provides a building envelope that maximizes protection against the elements. The 11 mil material offers increased tear-resistance. The non-woven fabric’s air resistance also helps reduce energy loss from the home, the maker says. 888.542.7343.

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Typar. In high-wind and extreme weather areas that call for impact resistance, try StormWrap. The fiber-reinforced wrap provides water holdout and tear strength, and is designed to stop the penetration of wind-borne objects. The material meets Florida building code standards and also stands up to high wind pressure cycles and wind-lift conditions. Positive drainage on the back side of StormWrap keeps moisture from entering the home. 800.284.2780.

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Environmentally Safe Products. ESP Low-E Housewrap serves as both an infiltration barrier and a layer of insulation. The pure aluminum facing is heat bonded to closed-cell polyethylene and then pin-perforated. The result is a housewrap that will block up to 97% of radiant heat, the maker says. The product is available in 4-foot-wide, 125-foot-long rolls; 5-foot-wide material can be special ordered. Installation requires a staple gun and razor knife. 800.289.5693.

Polyglass USA. Polybrite coatings and accessories are part of the maker’s Kool Roof Solutions line. The highly reflective products provide increased energy efficiency and long-term performance for most roofing systems. The line includes Polybrite 70 White Elastomeric Roof Coating, Polybrite 72 White Flashing Compound, Polybrite 74 Rust Inhibitor, and Polybrite 76 Base Coating for Ponding Water. 800.222.9782.

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Sto. StoGuard vapor-permeable waterproofing air barrier can be directly applied by spray or roller to sheathing, joints, and rough openings. The material is used in place of building wrap underneath brick, wood, vinyl, fiber-cement, stucco, and EIFS. Seamless and tear-proof, StoGuard becomes a structural element that will not break away from the sheathing. 800.221.2397.

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