Construction pros in the Western U.S. have a new region-exclusive wood fascia and trim option from Universal Forest Products.

“We are able to leverage our knowledge of our local markets, our relationships with our mills, and our more than six decades of manufacturing experience to bring to market products that we label as premium with confidence and that we offer to our customers with great pride,” says Joe McGuire, vice president of Universal's Far West Region. 

Universal Forest Products UFP-Edge

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Universal Forest Products leverages local mills to bring high-grade siding and trim to 13 states.

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UFP-Edge is manufactured locally by Universal's regional operations throughout the Western U.S., and will be available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, West Texas, Wyoming. Local manufacturing means the high-grade brite (untreated) lumber won't risk exposure to the elements or wear-and-tear damage by moving from distribution center to a warehouse or yard.

The product line starts with lumber selected for its lack of wane and only the smallest knots to highlight the wood's natural beauty. Universal says its facilities use state-of-the-art technology and processes and grind their own knives frequently to assure precise cuts free of whiskers and blemishes. The result is a selection of fascia, trim, and pattern products with an impressive aesthetic and finish. Products include:

  • WP11
  • Select Deck tongue-and-groove
  • Log cabin siding with or without reveal
  • WP4R tongue-and-groove siding
  • Combed or resawn fascia and trim
  • 105 drop siding
  • Thick butt rabbeted bevel siding

The products are kiln-dried to minimize swelling, warping, and shrinkage. Universal also offers fire-retardant treatment, as well as custom profiles for interior and exterior applications. Universal Forest Products |