Knauf. GreenGuard-certified for indoor air quality, Knauf Kraft-paper-faced Staple-Free Batts feature a wider design that creates a friction fit to hold the batt securely in place between studs without the need for staples. The batts are currently available as R-13 for standard wood framing and 8-foot-high walls. Additional R-values and lengths to accommodate 9-foot ceilings will be available. (800) 825-4434.

Reflectix. Designed for use with radiant floor heating systems, the Concrete Pad aluminum foil-faced bubble-pack radiant barrier is installed under a concrete slab. Coated with a protective white poly surface, the aluminum foil conducts the heat of installed radiant floor systems, allowing it to spread out under the slab and helping improve performance. The pad also reduces groundwater intrusion into the slab. (800) 879-3645.

Georgia-Pacific. Distributed by Georgia-Pacific, UltraFit DS dimensionally stable spray-on insulation is a white loosefill fiberglass insulation combined with an inorganic powdered adhesive that forms a seamless blanket of insulation when sprayed into wall cavities. The system reduces voids and air gaps. (800) 284-5347.

Johns Manville. EnviroAire XG Fiber Glass Duct Board is designed to provide duct insulation as well as improved indoor air quality and acoustics. The duct board is manufactured in a formaldehyde-free process. It prevents the loss of conditioned air and decreases sound transmission. A reinforced coating on its airstream surface is treated with antimicrobial agents to resist the growth of fungus or bacteria. (800) 654-3103.

Icynene. Made on site from liquid components, Icynene pour-fill formula polyicynene insulation is applied by injecting the liquid through drilled holes into a closed cavity, where it expands to form a flexible foam blanket. The foam provides R-values of 14 in a 2x4 wall and 22 in a 2x6 wall, the maker says. (800) 758-7325.

CertainTeed. Designed for the maker's Blow-In Blanket System, Optima fiberglass loosefill insulation is applied behind a non-woven fabric and is blown-in without any additives, such as adhesive. The insulation can provide R-values of 15 in a 2x4 wall and 23 in a 2x6 wall, the maker says, and it will not settle, separate, or allow gaps or voids to form. (800) 233-8990.

LL Building Products. Master Flow Insulated Duct Sleeves and Duct Wrap Insulation are designed to work with existing and new ductwork to provide an R-value of 6 and reduce draft noise and temperature variations. The sleeves are available in 6-inch and 8-inch diameters, 5-foot lengths that slide over round or rectangular ducts, or can be cut open and wrapped around existing ducts. The wrap can be loosely wrapped in overlapping turns. (800) 755-9392.

North Carolina Foam Industries. Applied as a two-part liquid that reacts to form an air and moisture barrier, the InsulStar spray-in-place insulation system is a closed-cell foam formulated from renewable agricultural resources using an ozone-friendly blowing agent. An antimicrobial ingredient inhibits the growth of mold in the foam. (866) 678-5283.

Owens Corning. The ProPink Complete blown-in insulating system is ideal for walls, ceilings, or enclosed cavities. The fiberglass loosefill resists settling and mold growth and the system's form-fitting installation provides acoustical benefits. The system offers R-values of up to 15 in a 2x4 wall and up to 40 in 2x10 applications. (800) 438-7465.

Pactiv. Made from closed-cell extruded polystyrene, GreenGuard Backer-Pro Universal fanfold siding underlayment is designed for use with most 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch butt, double 4-inch straight-lap siding panels. The under-layment is contoured to fill the spaces between the siding and the exterior wall to improve the siding's impact resistance and the wall's thermal efficiency. The underlayment features vertical channels every 4 feet for drainage. (888) 828-2850.

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