Photo by LP Building Solutions
Photo by LP Building Solutions

Navigating times of economic downturn is a crucial part of owning a remodeling business. There will always be seasons, no matter how long or short, that lead to lower profits. During these times, you can make intentional choices to grow your business and support your clients—and make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

One of the best ways to build a remodeling business is to recommend products to homeowners that are efficient and cost-effective while still being durable and beautiful. Engineered wood smooth trim and siding is one recommendation your homeowners will love. And when they’re pleased with their new siding’s look, you’ll get great recommendations that can lead to increased business opportunities moving forward.

On-the-Job Efficiency

When you’re dealing with a downturn in profit, efficiency is key. Engineered wood siding will help you make the most of every business opportunity.

Because it’s engineered for durability, engineered wood siding stands up to virtually everything the jobsite throws its way, meaning you’ll use what you order for the job with little waste and breakage. It also installs quicker so your crew can work efficiently and get each installation job done with ease. And no special tools are required—standard woodworking tools will suffice for any job involving engineered wood smooth siding. Knowing your crews will be able to work quickly can help toward reassuring your clients their investment may get the job done on time and well.

Photo by LP Building Solutions
Photo by LP Building Solutions

Bringing Design Visions to Life

It can be tough to bring your clients’ design visions to reality—and even more difficult when there are financial concerns in the mix. Smooth siding is one way to bring a versatile style that offers a great choice for a wide range of home designs.

Because it provides a clean, crisp look smooth siding offers a way to update older exteriors with a look that many homeowners today are looking for. It’s an especially current choice for popular trends like the modern farmhouse. While it won’t be a great choice for every style, smooth siding easily boosts overall curb appeal and fits most common homes.

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Smooth siding can help you give your clients the look they want, which will make them eager to spread the word about your business.

Recommend Smooth Siding With Confidence

When you’re looking to offer your clients the best products for their remodel—and to keep costs under control—look for companies that have undergone third party testing to prove the economic value and efficiency of their products. Engineered wood smooth lap siding, for example, has been proven to be an efficient siding option, and your clients will value seeing an unbiased approach to what’s best. You’ll also know just how much you’re saving by using one product over another.

To help protect the success of your business, choose efficient, durable products like engineered wood siding. Find out more about how LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding can help you boost your remodeling business.

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