As homeowners venture back to the great outdoors after a long, cold winter, their attention is turning toward ways to improve their indoor/outdoor lifestyles. Multi-slide doors are a dramatic option for high-end remodels. Depending on the width, the doors call for extra-wide openings that often demand engineering to accommodate the span. But with the right supports in place, designers can open wide the doors to fresh-air living. Sit back and enjoy the views.

Modern Style

Showcasing a contemporary aesthetic, Kolbe's VistaLuxe collection now includes multi-span doors to complement the collection's windows and swinging doors. Intended for openings up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet tall, the doors help homeowners ease the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. VistaLuxe mutli-span doors come in stacking or pocket configurations, and can be custom manufactured as corner units. Choose from sustainably harvested wood interiors, and a variety of finishes for the extruded aluminum clad exteriors. Glazing options address performance requirements for differing climate zones, and can be accented with divided lites and grilles-in-the-airspace. Kolbe Windows & Doors | 715.842.5666 |

German Behemoth

Builders sourcing materials from overseas will be happy to hear that German company Kommerling is bringing manufacturing of its dramatic lift/slide doors to its Koma facility in North America. Attendees as the 2014 International Builders Show warmly received the dramatic PremiDoor Lift/Slide Doors, which feature a 19-foot-wide, 8-foot -tall frame with two 8-foot sashes, and can be extended to 38 feet wide. The door's massive sliding glass panels weigh up to 600 pounds, but move smoothly with the push of a single finger. And don't let wide glass expanses dampen you on the door's energy efficiency. Detailed specifications for the U.S. models are still to be determined, but European models offer a U factor of 1.2 to 1.3, which can be reduced to 0.8 for passive house compatibility.

Kömmerling | 800.330.2239 |

Roll With It

Addressing market demand for solutions to create more open spaces, LaCantina Doors has developed a new class of multi-slide door. The construction of the door incorporates the style and performance of LaCantina's folding and swinging doors, plus custom-engineered rolling hardware with AAMA certified wheels, and a low-profile bottom rail. The new multi-slide system underwent extensive testing for air and water resistance and structural integrity to ensure features like the weather-resistant flush sill option and self-drainage weep system performed to high-end expectations. In design, the custom wheels help support heavier weights of the door panels up to 1,000 pounds, which feature narrow stiles and rails to match LaCantina's full range of swing and folding doors. As such, designers can rest easy knowing that the doors will complement each other, even if they're different functions. LaCantina Doors | 888.221.0141 |

NanaWall Systems

Flat Packed

Some extra engineering went into designing NanaWall's latest folding glass door panels. FoldFlat allows the panels to fold over each other, then pivot all the way back to stack out of, and parallel to, the opening. The design enhances functional and aesthetic possibilities for designers, and allows for full usage of the square footage around the opening. Both aluminum and wood-framed options are available for the panels, which can span up to 9 feet when opening in one direction, or 18 feet when paired on either side of an opening. FoldFlat windows are also available. NanaWall | 888.411.6262 |

Get Your Motor Running

Solar Innovations now offers motorized options for its new G3 sliding glass door system. Multiple control options can be operated with wall-mounted switches, exterior security keypads, or remote control. The motorized element's crawl reduces the speed of the doors as it nears the closed position to prevent damage to the door and its frame. In case of a power outage, the doors can be manually operated with the same one-handed maneuverability of Solar's traditional sliding glass doors. Motorized G3 Sliding glass doors are designed to accommodate a variety of engineering requirements while maintaining architectural appeal. Minimized framing helps create unobstructed sight lines. The thermally broken frame, coupled with insulated glazing add energy efficiency to the package. Motorization is an available option for new construction, or can be retrofitted to accommodate previously installed sliding glass doors in some situations. Some systems are subject to local code approval. Solar Innovations | 800.618.0669 |

Straight & Narrow

Narrow stiles, measuring only 2 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches, offer the benefits of maximizing glass expanses in Western Window Systems' Series 9500 Bi-Fold doors while giving the door's locking system a place to hide discreetly. The clean and contemporary aesthetic is available in dozens of finishes, including 10 woodgrains. Engineered to fold away and stack against side walls, the Series 9500 Bi-Fold doors let designers integrate a swing door for everyday use as an entryway, while also being able to open the entire system up to 30 feet wide to take advantage of indoor/outdoor living. The panels can measure up to 12 feet tall. Large-volume builders will be happy to hear the product line was recently added to the maker's Volume Program. Western Window Systems | 877.268.1300 |

Clearly European

Designed with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant frame, Zola Aluminum Breeze Panels offer expansive views and impressive thermal performance. Meeting rigorous requirements of net-zero and other highly energy efficient buildings, the panels are available in high-performance R-11 triple glazing with a visible transmittance (VT) of 73%. The European glass is low-iron, offering a level of clarity above American glass, which usually offers closer to 45% VT. Created for building openings as wide as 32 feet, each panel measures up to 4 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Four different tracks are engineered to provide support and smooth movement for the panels. Multi-point locks offer sealing and security. Zola Windows | 303.578.0001 |
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