Every aspect of a home’s architecture has the opportunity to make that ultimate statement for the homeowner. You can help your customers experience what effective renovations can achieve by stretching the style of the space to its full extent. After all, you may know what color the walls are going to be and what material the floors will be, but do you know how you are going to introduce the finished space?

Though they may not be the focal point of the room, doors never fail to make an impact upon entering it; that’s because doors, when executed with design in mind, give homeowners the chance to interact with actual art.

Jase Frederick of the US Green Building Council notes that “doors are often overlooked as a key design element;” however, they are especially pivotal to the design of a home. Since they are the single original feature of a home that we are guaranteed to interact with every single day, we need to start looking at the door—really looking at it. With a variety of offerings in different styles, colors, materials and hardware, they have the potential to make a big statement in a unique way.

Doors actually make up a large portion of the average mid-sized home—a whopping 800 square feet. As Matt Ellis says, “no one would leave 800 square feet of wall space white,” so why neglect the opportunity to make a statement in a home with that much space calling for design?

As the single biggest piece of art most homeowners will ever have, it is essential for the design of each door to be thoroughly considered so that it completes the look and feel of the home. The door that makes a space feel traditional and homey will not be the same door that makes it feel like a private sanctuary or a contemporary abode.

It starts with the front door. “The front door…is informed not only by the culture and the lifestyle of the people that are going to live there, but also by the architecture of the building,” says Susan Carson in LEED ID+C.

Go for timeless appeal that plays up historic English architecture with the classic look of the Belleville Smooth fiberglass door with decorative glass.
Go for timeless appeal that plays up historic English architecture with the classic look of the Belleville Smooth fiberglass door with decorative glass.

It is easier than ever to design a visually-impactful space by utilizing the opportunities presented by a single architectural detail. With 800 square feet between them, doors give ample opportunity to make the most of a space in terms of design. For example, proponents of the Classic Revival trend may focus on timeless door designs like French and the 2 Panel Roman Styles that make for a design that is traditional yet relaxed. For something more modern, find sleek, brightly-colored doors that compliment the underlying structure as seen in the Urban trend. To complete a more glamorous feel, Mediterranean Luxe rich wood doors and ornate wrought iron bring the look together.

It’s easy to forget how doors can round out the design of a home to turn it into a piece of art, but by capitalizing on the opportunities that one defining detail provides, remodelers can earnestly say that thought and care went into every single part of the renovation.