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Modern Farmhouse

The rustic-chic trend accounts for more than 140 million Pinterest boards, 1.2 million Instagram hashtags and 50,000 monthly Google searches, inspiring those that want the cozy, rustic setting of the farm with an updated look. Homeowners are becoming more interested in interiors that have homey auras while maintaining a satisfyingly streamlined layout. Seek out artisan-style exterior doors like this one from the Masonite Heritage Series collection or create a barn door from this craftsman style interior door to play up the modern rustic feel. Farmhouse sinks, open kitchen shelving and crisp white interiors that create a clean yet comfortable atmosphere enhance the look; however, designer Barbara Gilbert has said that “All the rules have been thrown out,” so experiment with mixing metals like copper and stainless steel and focus more on making the house feel like a home rather than following any strict guidelines.

Mid-Century Modern

It’s no wonder the Mid-Century Modern trend is so popular right now— the Mad Men vibe shows up in over 4.2 million Instagram hashtags and 20 million Google searches—it reflects the optimism for the future and the sleek technology of the present, utilizing pieces that are both minimalist and functional. Mid-Century Modern is timeless and easy to live with, yet imaginative and whimsical. The decades that inspire this trend can be revived with geometric patterns, vibrant colors and futuristic décor while maintaining the modern appeal of clean lines and natural textures. Architect Carlos Alfonso points out that plenty of retro designs are still manufactured today with improved materials and manufacturing. A sleek, oak door with textured glass strikes the perfect balance of design and texture for a pleasant nod to mod using current methods and materials.


Fans of minimalism will appreciate this livable trend. Accounting for over 1.6 million Instagram hashtags, and 8.6 million Google searches, Scandinavian is influenced by practicality, simplicity and—as trend forecaster Claire Walsh says—“living with what you have,” by combining functionality and comfort. The most important aspects of this trend are focal points that rely on natural light and plants to bring the outdoors in, so windowed doors in light colors like Masonite’s patio doors that allow light to enter are essential to this look. Utilize natural accent materials like wood and metal to add a pop of interest. Clean and cozy whites balanced with versatile neutrals are a must. The trending Danish lifestyle hygge has influenced Scandinavian by ushering the prominence of individual beauty to create a warmth of one’s own; in other words, don’t forget about the little things like personal artifacts and interests that makes one’s house their home.

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