This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

INOX’s new Rainbeaux palette adds twelve new colors to its CeraMax ceramic coating line, which is available as a premium upgrade option for all INOX door hardware. The Rainbeaux colors are designed to expand home palette matching options for designers, as well as offer a bold statement for homeowners, according to the manufacturer.

“We’ve found that designers are working with homeowners to accentuate their home décor with vibrant colors that make a statement, from accent walls to color pops throughout the living area. Our new Rainbeaux™ palette for CeraMax allows designers to choose practically any color their clients desire and produce impressive door hardware as a bold design statement,” says Jeff Howes, President of INOX.

The customizable CeraMax finish option is made to offer a high level of hardness, adhesion, and durability in harsh environments. The product withstands the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Corrosion Test for 85 times longer than standard stainless steel, and may be exposed to high humidity and ultraviolet light for up to 5,750 hours straight without yellowing or losing luster. Each CeraMax hardware piece is hand-finished in a process that includes sand-blasting, high-pressure air cleaning, and baking in a finishing chamber.