The Freedonia Group

Demand for roofing accessories in the United States is projected to increase 3.6% annually through 2023 to $6.5 billion, according to a forecast from The Freedonia Group. Demand for roofing accessories, such as roofing underlayment, fasteners, compounds, flashing, and cover boards, will be fueled by increases in overall roofing activity.

The Cleveland-based research firm says demand for roofing underlayment will outpace market gains for other roofing accessories and the roofing accessory market overall. The Freedonia Group projects demand for roofing underlayment will rise 5.0% annually to $1.5 billion in 2023. In area terms, roofing underlayment demand is projected to advance 2.8% annually to 190.0 million squares in 2023.

Roofing underlayment demand will be boosted by an increase in residential roofing activity, the adoption of more stringent building codes mandating the use of multiple layers of underlayment to provide leak protection, and rising installations of low-slope metal roofing. Underlayment is often installed with metal roofing to provide a moisture barrier and protect roof decks from moisture damage. Nearly 80% of demand for the current roofing market comes from the residential reroofing and commercial reroofing segments.

The full study, Roofing Accessories, is available for $5,400 from The Freedonia Group.