In response to continued growth of remodeling and replacement projects, DAP has introduced a new collection of adhesives with productivity in mind. The SmartBond product line features a specially designed foaming action that expands as it emerges from the can. The result is as much as eight times more adhesive per can, and increased productivity for users.

"Time management is always going to be an undercurrent in remodeling and replacement projects," says channel manager Steve Padgett. "Everyone has a limited amount of time. With DIY users, this can be a barrier to completing a project, and with pro users it could be the difference between finishing a project and having to come back for another day. SmartBond is going to be able to add value to the user's day."

More for Your Money

Each can of SmartBond offers 240 linear feet of adhesive, compared with just 30 feet for a traditional material. Additionally, easy aerosol dispensing requires no pumping like other cartridges, and lets users apply the material 25% faster than other products. Padgett says DAP's claims of yield and increased productivity were validated by the NAHB Research Center. DAP says installing a subfloor in an average new home uses between 30 and 50 28-ounce cartridges of regular subfloor adhesive with a 3/8-inch bead. Doing the math, installers would only need four or five 20-ounce cans of SmartBond for the same project.

The unique adhesive applies as a foam and transforms by collapsing into a high-strength, fast-curing gel that offers a durable and permanent bond. The chemistry means the foam immediately adheres to the substrate, so it won't blow away or splatter like other foam products. This means less waste and easier clean-up.

Three variations of SmartBond are available, formulated for subfloor installation, landscape projects, and heavy-duty use, which Padgett says will stick to "almost anything in the realm of construction," including wood, metal, fiberglass, and foam. In fact, Padgett says the materia's only real limitation is that it slumps a bit in vertical applications, such as drywall installation, so SmartBond is indicated for horizontal use. The landscape and heavy-duty formulations come in 12-ounce cans.

SmartBond can be applied straight from the can. The subfloor formulation is also available as a gun-grade adhesive that Padgett says gives the user a sealed system with more control. The product line also includes a cleaner that dissolves and removes unwanted, uncured adhesive from the applicator gun and from surfaces for fast and easy clean-up. DAP | 800.543.3840 |

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