We all know caulk is a great tool to seal up a bathtub, fix gaps in moulding, or plug up drafts from windows. But are you really taking it as far as you can?

Sarah Rae Smith of Apartment Therapy has found several uses for caulk that may surprise even the most seasoned remodeler. Here are some interesting ways you can get the most out of your next tube of caulk.

1. Non-Slip

It's as easy as making squiggly lines and allowing them to dry! Get the 411 here. It also works well on the bottom of pet beds that slip around.

2. Protect Surfaces

Protect what you love by adding caulk to the bottom of heavy objects that might do damage to floors or countertops. A few spots of caulk on the bottom of trivets, small appliances, furniture, or flower pots will keep them from scratching up surfaces.

3. As An Adhesive

In a pinch, caulk is a also great adhesive. Use it to stick a baseboard back to the wall, or to seal a crack inside ceramic or plastic pots. It even works on clothing to help a dress stay in place....

To see five more unique uses, follow the link below.

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